UPDATES: Deputies Who Shared Kobe Bryant Crash Pictures Can Be Named

Updates. A Federal Judge ruled that the Vanessa Bryant can access the names of the four Deputies who shared Kobe Bryant crash pictures.

The ruling by the Judge allows Bryant to add the names of the four deputies to her civil law suit against the Sheriffs department and the county. Bryant alleged that the deputies took unauthorized pictures of the helicopter crash and shared them. The prosecutors in the case argued that the names of the deputies should remain sealed, releasing the names may result in online attacks towards the deputies. The Judge stated in response “Deputy Defendants are legitimately concerned that they will encounter vitriol and social media attacks, such concerns, by themselves, are not sufficient to outweigh the public’s strong interest in access.” The county will have the ability to appeal the ruling.

In most cases there is privacy which protects the information of police officers, however, in extreme cases where the public interest is stronger a judge may release the information necessary.

Do you agree with names being released?

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