ANIMOSITY: Was Archie Snubbed Of Royal Title Because He Is Mixed Race


Megan Markle suggested her son Archie was snubbed of his birthright title of prince because of his mixed race.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey Megan Markle suggested her son was denied title of prince. Before the birth of Archie Megan stated she was told her son would not receive police security or the royal title. She claimed the decision to not give Archie the title was because of his mixed race and the issue of how dark his skin color may be. Archie will still get the prince title when Prince Charles becomes King. The protocols established by King George V stated only children and grand children of the sovereign have the automatic birthright to the title, to which Archie will be entitled to once Prince Charles is King.

Do you agree with their decision about Archie title and the lack of the security?

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