FAME TO FELON: Fetty Wap sentenced to six years behind bars

FAME TO FELON: Rapper Fetty Wap sentenced to six years behind bars in NY drug case.

Fetty Wap, born as Willie Junior Maxwell II was sentenced to 6 years of prison for his part in a bi-coastal narcotics ring. He was caught driving to Long Island to retrieve and buy cocaine and then selling it in New York and New Jersey. Fetty Wap was 1 of 5 to get caught and charged. He claims that he only sold the drugs so that he could remain afloat financially during the pandemic.

The rapper’s attorneys requested that he get the minimum sentence, however, it was denied. The prosecutors suggested Maxwell receive between seven years and three months to nine years behind bars with claims of him being a “large-scale narcotics trafficker”.

Do you think he should’ve gotten a longer sentence?

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