SUSPENDED: Ja Morant faces ‘lengthy suspension’ after new gun video

SUSPENDED. Ja Morant could face ‘lengthy suspension’ next season after new gun video.

Last Sunday, star Grizzley’s player, Ja Morant was caught holding a firearm on video. This is the second time in two months that Morant has displayed his firearm. In the first incident, Morant was suspended for 8 games. This time, he is likely facing a much lengthier suspension as the NBA commissioner, ‘Adam Silver is going to feel pressure from the other teams.’

As of now, the NBA is ensuring the the video is legitimate and not doctored in any way. If the video is found to be legitimate, Morant will most likely face a very long suspension at the beginning of next season as they will likely not give him the benefit of the doubt again. These actions are not only affecting his playing time but also his pockets. Due to the last suspension, Morant was not able to make All-NBA which cost him roughly 39 million dollars.

How long will he be suspended this time?

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