CONTEMPT: Eliza Reign accuses Future of lying about finances in child support case

Future attempted to live the low life and got called out by his baby mama in court.

Eliza Reign’s attorneys filed a motion to hold Future in contempt of court for allegedly providing fraudulent information about his finances. Future downplayed his extravagant lifestyle to minimize the amount of child support he would be ordered to pay to Eliza for their 1-year-old daughter.

According to court documents, Future testified that he lives in a “small” 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in Atlanta. Future claimed that he was unsure whether he rents or owns the property as he allows his “business manager [to] handle all of [his] business.”

To counter Future’s testimony, The Shade Room reported that through independent investigation, Eliza’s attorney found evidence that Future in fact lives in a 5 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom mansion on a 1.69 acre parcel. The property was purchased by the company Tre’on Investments LLC in December 2016 for $2.3 million. The corporation that owns the property is based in Georgia and business documents list Future’s sister, Tiwanna Wilburn, as CEO and his mother, Stephanie Jester, as CFO. Future’s assistant, Felicia Magama, is listed as the property manager on the lease for the property.

Future additionally asserted that he does not own any expensive jewelry and that the jewelry that he is seen wearing in public is fake. To bring it all home, he alleges he is making no money off of his music during the pandemic and that he is unaware of the status of his contracts.

Eliza is seeking $53,000 in child support per month as well as compensation for attorneys’ fees, a letter of apology and a donation to a charity of the court’s choosing. Although perjury is criminally punishable, in the family law context it is more likely that a judge will impose civil punishment for contempt of court if Future is found to have deliberately attempted to mislead the court and conceal from the court evidence in the case. The court will likely take into account proper compensation to Eliza in determining remedial measures for Future’s misrepresentations.

A judge denied Future’s attempt to dismiss the paternity action by accusing Eliza of similar allegations back in July. Do you think Future is lying and Eliza will be successful with her claim?

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