Three’s Company: Khloe Kardashian gets dragged into Tristan Libel Suit


NBA player Tristan Thompson filed a libel suit against Kimberly Alexander, a woman who claims that he is the father of her 4-year-old son. The suit mentions is second baby mama  Khloe Kardashian because Kimberly alleges Khloe and her Kardashian clan manipulated the DNA results somehow ?.

In the documents, Tristan states that Alexander is, “a wannabe social media influencer and pornographic model/performer who is so desperate to achieve her 15 minutes of fame that she recently fabricated a false claim that [he] is the father of her nearly 5-year-old son.”


Thompson admitted that he slept with Kimberly (prior to meeting Khloe). However, he also explained that, although he doesn’t believe that he’s the father, he made the decision to go to a “reputable, accredited DNA lab” to take a paternity test earlier this year.

When the test case back negative, Alexander claims she didn’t believe results because Kardashians had used the lab before.

Tristan is demanding a jury trial and unspecified damages. Do you think he will be successful?

Stay tuned…


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