VALUES: #McDonalds owners oppose #Offset and #CardiB celebrity meal endorsement

VALUES. Some McDonald’s franchise owners are pushing back against the latest #Offset and #CardiB celebrity meal endorsement. Franchisees said they fear the celebrity couple runs counter to Mcdonald’s brand and “family culture”.

However, McDonald’s is standing by the couple stating “Across our marketing, we’re focused on putting McDonald’s at the center of culture,” and they claim their musical collaborations have sparked great momentum for the company and the stand behind Cardi B and Offset as a family.

Some of the owners have reportedly pushed their fellow franchisees to join them in removing ads and merchandise related to the campaign. And they also point to the company’s internal marketing guidelines which reportedly include a clause that McDonald’s promotions should not use “musical partnerships associated with content that includes offensive language in the lyrics.”

Thoughts on if McDonalds is going against their own rules by including the couple?

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