SACRIFICES: Ed Sheeran copyright trial kept him from grandmother’s funeral

SACRIFICES. Ed Sheeran copyright trial kept him from grandmother’s funeral: ‘So upset’.

This past Wednesday, while Ed Sheeran was in court battling with singer, songwriter Marvin Gaye over copyright infringement, his 98 year old grandmother’s funeral was taking place in Ireland. Sheeran and his family are said to be very upset that he had to miss the funeral and was forced to watch it online. However, his father has explained that Sheeran was able to see his late grandmother just a month ago.

The case that caused Sheeran to miss the funeral of his late grandmother was over a battle with Marvin Gaye as he is accusing Sheeran of “ripping off” his famous song, ‘Let’s Get It On’ with Sheeran’s hit song, ‘Thinking Out Loud’. The trial is being held in Manhattan and is still going on.

Will Ed Sheeran win the case?

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