Abort: Rob Kardashian Pulls Halfway Dead Merch After Being Accused of Stealing Designs

Rob Kardashian recently pulled merch from his new fashion line Halfway Dead after he was accused of stealing a design from independent street artist Rx Skulls. Rx Skulls is known for his various skull designs, and once fans noticed the similarities between Rx Skulls’ work and the Halfway Dead merch, they alerted the artist immediately.

Photo Credit: TMZ and Getty Images

Once Rob found out about the accusations, he not only pulled the merch, but his team also got into contact with the artist and put the issue to rest. According to TMZ, Rx Skulls was given an explanation as to how his design ended up on the hoodies and other merch. Additionally, Rob’s company promised the artist it would not sell any of the merch that featured his designs and also deleted any related merch photos. Rx Skulls later went on his Instagram story to confirm that the situation was resolved and thanked his fans for the overwhelming support and help.

When you see the pictures of the merch and Rx Skulls’ design, it is blatantly obvious the design was stolen. It is unclear as to how Rob and his team came to find the design or what their intent was, but this should be a lesson to anyone looking to take designs from street artists. Although street artists may not be aware their work is being stolen, their fans will surely bring it to their attention. It is great that Rob and his team reached out to the artist and resolved the issue. But whoever was in charge of finding the design for Halfway Dead should definitely not be given that task again. Instead, Rob and his team should just make their own designs to avoid any potential copyright infringement lawsuits.

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