Plea: Wendy Williams’ Son Pleads Not Guilty in Assault Case

Easing tensions with a punch to the face.

Kevin Hunter Jr., son of Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Sr., just pleaded not guilty today in court in his assault case. According to the Cosmopolitan, Kevin Sr. and Kevin Jr. reportedly had an altercation in May over Kevin Sr.’s demands for child support from Wendy. This came after Wendy filed for divorce in May. During the altercation, Kevin Jr. allegedly punched his father in the face.

As reported by TMZ, Kevin Sr. does not want to press charges, but because it is a domestic incident, prosecutors often press charges anyways. During the court hearing, the prosecutor asked for more time because he needed to “review factors in the case.” This highly suggests there may be a plea bargain or outright dismissal of charges, given that Kevin Sr. has no intention to press charges.

Photos: TMZ

Although Wendy and Kevin Sr. still plan to follow through with their divorce, it seems this incident has eased tensions between the two. According to TMZ, Wendy has said that “she and Kevin Hunter Sr. will ‘work through this’ and will maintain a relationship grounded in friendship, in no small part for the benefit of their son.” This is certainly good news. Despite what has been said or done in the past, Wendy and Kevin Sr. are coming together to support their son. Hopefully after the case is over and the divorce is final, everyone involved can move on with their lives and remain cordial with one another.


!! UPDATE: On 7/9/2019, Wendy Williams son’s assault cause was officially dismissed !!

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