PETTY FETTY: Fetty’s ex-wife wants $60K Engagement Ring in Divorce Settlement

Better have my ring.

Rapper, Fetty Wap, and his estranged wife, Leandra Gonzalez tied the knot last year in August of 2019. However, their marriage was short lived lasting only for a few months. Leandra filed her divorce documents in the state of New Jersey. There were numerous allegations of domestic violence, adultery, drug and alcohol abuse. The latest dispute is over the engagement ring Fetty gave Leandra. The ring was worth $60K, but it was appraised for $37K. According to TMZ, Leandra filed documents asking a judge to order Fetty to give his ex-wife the ring.

Gifts and inheritance are considered separate property. Separate property is not subject to equitable distribution in divorce. The law of equitable division only apply to marital property. In New Jersey, a spouse usually gets to keep gifts received during the marriage. An engagement ring is considered a gift. In the Likelihood of a divorce, the engagement ring remains with the person who it was given to. Leandra argues that under law, the ring was a ‘gift in contemplation of marriage’ and since they said ‘I do.’ she believes she is entitled to the ring. Under New Jersey law, it appears that Leandra is entitled to the $60k ring.

The dilemma is that Fetty no longer has the ring in his possession to give. According to the rapper, he purchased the jewelry on consignment. He did not finish paying for the ring, therefore he never owned the ring. Once the marriage was over Fetty claims he returned the ring to the jeweler. There is a possibility that the judge would order Fetty to give the ring if he had it. The judge could also order Fetty to pay the appraisal price.

Although Fetty does not have the ring he has made Leandra an offer. He stated the jewelry store will keep the ring and he will give his wedding band to his ex-wife. If Leandra refuses his offer, the judge will likely resolve the dispute. Leandra is requesting the ring worth $60k or the appraisal amount of $37K.

Do you think she should take his offer? What would you do?

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