Pay up: Cardi B wins $4M judgement against YouTuber for Defamation


A federal jury sided with #CardiB on her accusations that a #TashaK. a YouTuber (UnwinewithTashaK) waged a “malicious campaign” to hurt the superstar’s reputation, issuing a verdict that the woman had defamed the rapper and awarding the star more than $1 million in damages.


Cardi B was also awarded $1.5M punitive damages and attorneys fees ($1.3 M) on top of the $1.25 in pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Cardi B’s best evidence in this case is that Tasha statements were not opinion but opinions made as if they were facts and were maliciously said repeatedly to harm the rapper reputation. Celebrities and public figures must prove maliciousness to be successful at defamation claims and when Tasha admitted on stand she knew the some of the statements weren’t true but kept posting about them to earn money. Also Cardi’s complaint included libel (written false statements) and slander (spoken false statements) “per se” meaning she didn’t have to prove damages because the statements were so treacherous on the surface that the law automatically finds the other party liable. In this case, Tasha states she committed crime (prostitution) and had viral disease (herpes) which both fall under the “per se” rules on top of doing drugs so Cardi was winning this case from the start unless Tasha could show her statement were true which she failed to do.

What’s next in case? Both sides have 30 days to submit briefs for injunctive relief regarding whether the Cardi B videos should be taken down from Tasha K’s channel.

Check out the full legal analysis:

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