Kardashian teams up with Kylie Jenner to sue Blac Chyna!



In response to $10M revenge porn claim kardasian and Jenner – who owns the home where the alleged altercation took place – are suing Chyna for battery, assault and vandalism.

These are the five things you need to know!

1) The Damages:  Kardashian and Jenner are suing Chyna for Rob’s alleged injuries, damages done to Jenner’s home and punitive damages, as well as an end to Chyna’s talent agreement with E! Network.

2) Complaint details:

In court documents, Kardashian claims that Chyna “became extremely intoxicated on drugs and alcohol and physically assaulted” him on Dec. 14, 2016. First, Kardashian says, Chyna “conferenced” his friends on FaceTime, “and was carelessly playing with Rob’s gun unaware if the gun was loaded or if the safety was on.”

Later that night, Kardashian alleges Chyna “lunged towards Rob with an iPhone charging cable and attempted to strangle [him] with the cord around his neck.”

The father of one “was able to escape her grasp, however he suffered injuries to his neck” while Chyna “chased after Rob and repeatedly struck him in the head and face,” according to court documents.The complaint says “Chyna pursued Rob outside the house as [he] tried to escape in his Bentley,” which caused her to throw “a nearby chair at Rob’s car causing damage to the vehicle and also used a metal rod to injure Rob.”Kardashian claims he has documentation of the resulting neck injuries he suffered from the entire ordeal

After the fight, Kardashian claims that Chyna damaged a television, broke down a door, damaged the walls and destroyed cell phones in the house. Jenner, 20, claims in the suit that the damages to her house were in excess of $100,000. 

Further, the complaint says Chyna “terrorized Kylie by telling her to get tests for sexually transmitted diseases, because Kylie was dating Tyga who was the father of Chyna’s first child, King Cairo” as well as saying she “would threaten to beat up Rob’s sisters and was disrespectful towards Rob’s mother Kris.”

In the suit, Kardashian and Jenner allege Chyna “became pregnant with Rob’s child, demonstrating one of [her] deliberate actions to cash in on the Kardashians fame.”

3) Blac Chyna’s response:

A source close to Chyna tells PEOPLE magazine that the fight at Jenner’s house was “not a real thing.”

“It makes sense on their part to come up with a counter claim for the very real Porn Revenge claim made against him,” the source said. “Revenge porn, posting naked pictures to 9 million people across the world,” the source continued. “None of that compares to an altercation that they got into at Kylie’s house. They’re so miles apart and it really distracts from the real sexual and domestic abuse that took place.”

4) Custody and Domestic abuse case:

Chyna is pleased that Rob has agreed to peacefully coparent Dream with her, as she has been requesting all along,” Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, told PEOPLE magazine:

“Because Rob agreed to continue to stay away from Chyna and not contact her, Chyna has agreed to take the domestic abuse hearing (regarding April 2017 incident where Rob allegedly punched her) scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18, off calendar. She will always have the right to go back into court if further incidents of domestic abuse occur.”

5) Mediation Breakdown:

The parties attempted to settle on September 26th but could not reach a final agreement because Kris Jenner was not available by telephone to approve financial part of the settlement agreement.  Jenner is in charge of all Rob’s finances and also approved the $20,000 monthly child support that Chyna receives.  Jenner was said to not be available for the mediation because she was dealing with the fall out over the news that her youngest daughter Kylie Jenner is pregnant by Travis Scott.

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