FIRED: Don Lemon owed $25M on CNN contract

FIRED. Don Lemon owed at least $25M on CNN contract — but readies for possible legal fight.

Former CNN co-host Don Lemon was fired from CNN but is still looking to receive at least $25 million. After 17 years of working for CNN, Lemon was informed about his termination through an agent and not the network to which he posted to the news his Instagram informing the public of his untimely termination. Lemon has hired an attorney looking to potentially enter a legal battle with CNN to get even more money.

Prior to Lemon’s termination, he was signed to a 7 million dollar contract that continued up until 2026 and will be paid the remainder of his contract which is why he is still receiving the $25 million.

Will he get more than $25 million?

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