DENIAL: #TigerWoods denies having oral agreement with ex #EricaHerman to live in his Florida mansion

Denied. Tiger Woods denies having an oral agreement with ex Erica Herman to live in his Florida mansion after they separated.

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman is suing Woods for $30 million dollars because she claims Woods broke their alleged oral tenancy agreement in which she still had five years left to reside in the Florida mansion. Woods denies agreeing to any oral agreement with Herman as he says that $30 million dollars “is ridiculous.”

Tiger has asked judge to make Herman do mediation instead with a settlement about that would include a non disclosure. Herman has already signed a NDA about their relationship but is hinting at sexual harassment and assault with asking Court to nullify the NDA for those reasons under the the federal Ending Forced Arbitration Of Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment Act Of 2021. 

Do you think the parties will settle?

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