DAMAGE CONTROL: Tristan Thompson Ask for Emergency Gag Order

Shut it.

#TristanThompson is desperately trying to quiet #MaraleeNichols paternity claims in a emergency motion he filed this week. #Maralee moved from Texas to Cali just to file the suit and gave birth last week. Tristan has admitted he has sex with her twice during his relationship with #KhloeKardashian.

In his motion, Tristan says Maralee has violated the confidentiality court order by running her mouth to the press. “Respondent MARALEE NICHOLS has alerted the media, among other things, as follows: (1) that she alleges TRISTAN TREVOR THOMPSON fathered her child, (2) that there are competing lawsuits in Texas and California to determine paternity of her child, (3) about specific information contained in court pleadings.

Do you think she fabricated the messages?

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