MUSIC TO MAKE UP: Kanye West Files Trademark for ‘Yeezy’ Beauty Line

Make Up Mr. West!

No one ever knows what Kanye is going to do next. First music, then fashion and now looks like the next stop on the Yeezy train is the beauty market. On June 2, Mr. West filed a “Yeezy” trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a host of beauty products.

The Yeezy beauty line will seemingly include makeup, fragrances, and potentially some “wellness items such as scented ceramic stones, aromatherapy pillows, essential oils, bath crystals and scented pine cones.” This new venture is fitting of the superstar being that he is married into a family whose members include the Kardashians and the Jenners who have some experience in this area. Wife, Kim Kardashian, has released her KKW beauty products and fragrances and sister in law, Kylie, is known for her infamous lip kits. Perhaps they will give West some advice so he can hit the ground running? Either way, hopefully Kanye’s vision comes to fruition this time around. In 2017, the artist filed for the same trademark under his company, Donda, but never launched.

Do you think the Yeezy line will be the most successful of the family?

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