JLO fights for A-ROD Dinero in Child Support Battle

Dinero! Dinero! Dinero! Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo may want to pump the breaks on what’s seems to be her intervening in the financial affairs of her boyfriend ex baseball player Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod and his ex-wife Cynthia.

According to sources J-Lo attended a Sept. 13 mediation in Miami, blindsighting Cynthia, with the Lopez going so far as to force A-Rod out of the room when Cynthia was present. Lopez allegedly insisted that Rodriguez, who earned more than $400 million in his MLB career, should only have to pay $10,000 instead of the $100,000 that’s in their divorce decree to support his young daughters Natasha and Ella.

The results of the mediation are confidential but let’s put it this way. If Jlo marries A-Rod the child support will only go up not down since the court considers the man’s full household income in child support calculation. Any spousal support will end once Cynthia marries her fiancé.

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