A No-No: Kim let’s go of Kimono Trademark

#KimOhNo. This is the phrase that thrashed Kim K new undergarment shape wear line by the name of “Kimono”.

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

Kardashian applied for the trademark, in 2018 instantly liking the name because it included her name “Kim”. However, after a week of backlash she finally gave up the name after being accused of cultural appropriation of such iconic Japanese fashion item.

While, I know the Kardashian family had been accused of cultural appropriation in a variety of other situations (ahem), in this case I think it was an honest mistake. And in true form, Kim listened directly to her fans and public and ultimately to do the right thing. However, it should also be duly noted three other individuals have the trademark for “Kimono” for wine, apparel and even a condom brand but I guess because of her global platform she is being held to a stricter (but one could argue unfair) standard.

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal.

The lingerie will come in nine colors, (with more shades to come), featuring names such as sand, onyx, mica, oxide and kobicha (Japanese for a color of kelp), in sizes from XXS (size 00) to XXXXL (size 20). Prices will range from $22 to $98. By comparison, a Spanx shapewear midthigh-length bodysuit with plunge neckline costs $148 on the brand’s website and comes in two colors, “very black” and “champagne beige.” Spanx shapewear sizing varies by product; certain styles are available in sizes up to XXXL. Another competitor that will surely feel Kardashian’s competition will be Victoria Secret. But it appears there’s enough to go around because shape wear is a $83 Billion dollar industry! Kim K is one smart cookie. This shape wear line will add to her makeup and tv empire. Did we mention she is also studying to be a lawyer like her late father, Rob Kardashian? When does this lady sleep!? She hasn’t had a completely bad month in fashion, because she won millions in damages from the line Miss Guided who she accused of being copy cats.

In addition, to a new name Kim will have to redesign her website, create a new logo and change the tags of the inventory that was already bought and ready to ship. This will be no easy task. What do you think Kim should call her new shape wear line?

I’ll throw my suggestion in the ring: Kimtonics 🙂

Stay tuned…


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