STOLEN: Kelis Claims Beyoncé Did Not Tell Her About Using Part of “Milkshake”

STOLEN? Kelis seems to have made a number of allegations, ranging from professional to personal to quasi-legal.

At the most basic level, Kelis is claiming that Beyonce didn’t tell her about using part of “Milkshake” and complaining that she was cheated out of her rights by Williams and Hugo. Because of the apparent copyright situation — remember, Kelis isn’t listed as a writer-composer, Pharell Williams and Hugo are — all she can really do is vent. The way Beyoncé apparently used “Milkshake” is also important here. Beyoncé appeared to interpolate “Milkshake” — that is, use portions of the written music — but not outright sample it, as sampling entails using the actual recording.


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