SUED: State of California Sues Yeezy Over Shipping Delays

Yeezy’s in trouble.

It seems as though Kanye West’s fashion brand “Yeezy” just can’t seem to stay out of the courtroom this year. As you may know, Kanye’s brand recently sued Walmart for trademark infringement of one of his Yeezy shoes. Now, the fashion and music mogul is on the other side of the lawsuit as he is being sued by the State of California for shipping delays.

Last week, several District Attorneys filed suit against Yeezy, alleging that the company violated state law by failing to shop items within 30 days, and failing to provide adequate delay notices or offer a return. While some may think these delays could be attributed to COVID, Yeezy’s shipping delays may actually go back as far as 4 years ago.

The California statute in question is similar to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Mail Order Rule. Section 17538(a) of the California Business Code states that companies offering online products must ship within 30 days, and if not then they must 1) provide a refund 2) send equivalent or superior replacement products, or 3) provide the buyer with a written notice regarding the delay. This notice must include information such as the expected duration of the delay and the offer of a refund if desired.

The State of California also contends that Yeezy made misleading statements about its ability to ship out the products within a certain timeframe, including in situations where customers paid extra fees for expedited shipping.

Will you be copping Yeezy merchandise any time soon?

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