When facing a legal dilemma, you need a lawyer you can trust. The Carter Law Group are lawyers you can trust. From the beginning to the end of the representation, they will fight for you.  The Carter Law Group is a full service law firm specializing in:  Entertainment, Business, Intellectual Property and Crypto/NFT/Metaverse law.


The Carter Law Group serves as counsel to film and television actors, athletes, production companies, talent agencies, agents, and other industry members.  Our practice includes representation of individuals and companies in contract negotiations, book deals, intellectual property (including copyrights,trademarks and patents), product endorsements, celebrity personal appearances, filming permits, indemnification agreements, royalties and project financing, etc.  Advantages to hiring the Carter Law Group include expeditious handling of your matter, straight forward fee schedules, and good attorney accessibility.


  • Contracts
  • Licensing and Branding Agreements
  • Intellectual Property including:

Cease and Desist Letters




    • Employment and Contractor Agreements

-Non Disclosure Agreements
-Non Compete Agreements
-Work For Hire Agreements

  • Filming Permits




Businesses face an array of regulation, from premises liability to the business and professions codes, corporate laws, and many other areas of law. Experienced business attorneys are a must to assess and reduce your exposure to liability.  CLG offers affordable in house counsel packages and LLC formation packages to help form and protect your business in addition to various contract services for your business agreements.


  • Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Business Formation - (LLC, INC, DBA etc.)- flat fee (doesn't include filing fees)
  • In House Counsel Package- monthly flate fee
  • Corporate Compliance Package- annual flat fee







Are you in need of legal assistance to protect your trademarks, copyrights, brands, services, and products in the the new NFT and Metaverse markets? Do you need assistance in the legal protections you need to investing your cash into various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.?Hire the Carter Law Group to help you navigate through these new and sometimes grey tech areas.

Learn more.


  • Consultations
  • Trademark and Copyright Filings
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Contract Drafting and Review for deals in the NFT/Metaverse markets
  • Recommendations for NFT Protection and Investments
  • Recommendations for Metaverse Protection and Investments
  • Evaluations of current Crypto currencies


The Carter Law Group was built to serve clients quickly, efficiently and with genuine knowledge. We are dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels.



Phone/Skype Consultations

Need to talk to a Lawyer right away about your legal issue?  Your consultation includes an overview of your issue with our licensed attorneys and written memo of suggested next steps and your legal options to resolve your issue.


Have a contract that you need to be reviewed quickly?  Our contract review service includes review of your contract and a written summary of any problematic clauses in your agreement including which clauses that you should re-negotiate or have removed.


Don't skip the necessary steps to form and protect your business!  The Carter Law Group can form your LLC including the following services for a flat fee of $1500  (This does not include state filing fees and this service is availabe to all US Residents.)

-LLC Articles of Organization

-Tax ID

-Operating Agreement


-Business License -- Flat Fee (will vary by state)

-Business Permit-- Flat Fee (will vary by state)

Registered Agent-- Flat Fee $120/year (For DC residents only)

Copyright-- Flat Fee $750 (does not include Copyright filing fee which ranges from $35-$55)

Trademark-- Flat Fee $1500 (does not include USPTO filing fee which ranges from $200-$400)

Patent-- Flat Fee $2500 (does not include USPTO filing fee)



Trademark your word mark, logo design or both with the help of a experienced attorney.  Unlike Legal Zoom, this package includes an attorney assigned to your trademark application from the beginning to the end of the USPTO filing process.  Our job is not done until you receive your trademark certificate confirming ownership.




Copyright your literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works with the help of a experienced attorney.  Unlike Legal Zoom, this package includes an attorney assigned to your copyright application from the beginning to the end of the Copyright office filing process.  Our job is not done until you receive your copyright certificate confirming ownership.  Copyrights can be filed for poetry, paintings, photographs, drawings, novels, movies, songs, computer choreography, sculpture, software, and architecture.



Let us listen to and possibly shop your demo!

$250 package – 3 songs

$175 package – 2 songs

$99 package – 1 song

Are you an artist, songwriter, producer or production company and feel that you’re the next superstar and/or you have the next big “hit” record?
Are you trying to get the “right person” at the labels to hear what you have to offer and just can’t get through to them?
Are you being told that you need an entertainment attorney to submit your demo(s)?
– If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we may be able to assist you.
However, before we use our relationships and experience to “shop” you and/or your music, we’ve got to be certain that you have what it takes to be a “superstar” or that you’ve got that “hit” record!

The Process is Simple!:
Pay the Demo Review Fee. The Demo Review Fee is $99.00 per song submitted or $250.00 for three (3) songs submitted.  The Fees are non-refundable.  Once payment has been received, you will receive an email with instructions on submitting your one (1) to three (3) song demo to the Carter Law Group.

Submit Your Music.
-J. Carter's team in association with HitClub entertainment will personally listen to your demo(s).  She will give you her honest opinion and, if possible, she will give you a more detailed critique outlining what he feels you need to do to improve your chances of getting your music heard by the labels. Should she feel that you have a “hit or hits,” she will contact you to discuss the next step.

Submission to Label.
-If your music is deemed ready to for label review , your demo(s) will be submitted to an authorized representative of up to three (3) mutually agreed labels.  *In some instances, a personal meeting with an authorized representative of the respective labels may be arranged. The Fee for this service is $2,500.00 for a submission to up to three (3) labels.

Label Feedback.
-We will forward to you the decision of the authorized representative and, if appropriate, their critique or comments.  Should the label representative want to personally meet with you, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.
* The firm has relationships with most labels distributed by Sony Music, WMG and Universal.


Whether you are married, single, have kids or not, you should have a Will, Medical Directive and Power of Attorney to protect your future wishes and leave instructions about your life to your family.  Take advantage of the Carter Law Group's $1000 flat fee package and get all 3! (*Please note in order to be eligbible fo this package you must only require a Simple Will in addition to  a Medical Directive and Power of Attorney.  Also note resident of the District of Columbia are only eligible for this service).