EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER: Kanye West Gives Emotional Anti-Abortion Rant at Campaign Event

Say What….

Kanye West says he’s at peace if wife Kim Kardashian divorces him following abortion claims at his first presidential rally.

During the rapper’s first rally on Sunday, West revealed that he and Kim considered aborting daughter North West. He revealed they were undecided about having a child in 2013, but then God reached out to him.

West stated that God delivered a message to him while working on his laptop in Paris. He continued by saying that his screen went black and white and God said, “If you f*** with my vision, I f*** with yours.”

West continued by stating that if Kim were to divorce him after his abortion claims, he would be alright because he was able to bring North into the world.

Throughout his speech, West also said that “Abortion should be legal but the option of maximum increase should be available. Everybody who has a baby gets a million dollars or something.”

While West encourages the legality of abortion, there are currently many states where abortion remains illegal, unless certain conditions are met. This includes Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio and Utah.

Further, West’s proposal of paying people to have babies is not a new concept. It has been used across the globe in nations such as Germany, Sweden, Japan, Russia and Taiwan. The concept of “baby bonds” has also been discussed across the United States in the past few years. However, the proposals that have come to light have proposed that $500 to $50,000 would be provided. This is substantially below West’s suggestion of a ‘million dollars.’ West also does not provide an explanation of where this money will come from.

Overall, given the various abortion laws across the country, it would be difficult to legalize abortion across every state, as each sate has its own laws. Additionally, there has been much criticism over providing a family with $50,000 for having a child, as it unclear where this money will come from, and thus, West will likely encounter the same criticism for a “million dollars.”

In South Carolina 10,000 signatures are required to be on the ballot as a presidential independent candidate. Due to the coronavirus, the state’s deadline has moved to July 20. However, the South Carolina Board of Elections has confirmed that West did not file a petition with the state and would not be on the ballot there.

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s abortion proposal? Do you think it could be feasible with such various abortion laws across the United States?

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