Fate in the Balance: A$AP Rocky Charged with Assault and Trial Date Set

Looks like you’re staying. A$AP Rocky gets charged with assault causing bodily harm and is to stay in Sweden jail until trial.  According to TMZ, and other news outlets, if A$AP gets convicted of assault he could be looking at two years in jail. As of now, A$AP is going to remain in jail until trial. The trial is expected to last three days and begin on next Tuesday July 30. The prosecutor alleges after reviewing a clip of the altercation that claims of self-defense and provocation will not hold. He further claims he reviewed the witness statement from which it looks like the man only attacked after A$AP’s bodyguard allegedly lifted him off the ground by his neck. Additionally, the man who attacked A$AP will not be prosecuted for any crime (they allowed him to claim self defense), even though he incited the violence.

As of now, it looks like A$AP Rocky will remain in jail until trial considering the Sweden government did not even budge after speaking to Trump. The evidence against him is really strong and he could be convicted for assault which will be a maximum of two years in prison. However, since the man who attacked did also play a part in harassing and violence, A$AP maybe convicted for much less than two years and the prosecution said they were unlikely to push for a full two years.

Stay tuned as the story develops…

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