CHANTING: Roddy Rich Raps F**K The NYPD After Charges Dropped Against Him

CHANTING. Rapper Roddy Rich raps “f**k the NYPD” at Hot Summer 90’s Jam after gun possession charges against him were dropped.

The rapper was arrested earlier this week when security members of Citi Field observed a firearm in his car. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device and unlawful possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device. As of now all charges have been dismissed against him.

Under New York law criminal possession of a firearm is a class E felony, if you are convicted the maximum possible prison sentence that you will receive is 4 years. Your sentence could also include a fine as well as a probation term of 5 years. Possessing a large capacity feeding device unlawfully is a Class A misdemeanor that carries a sentence of up to one year in jail. Rapper Roddy Rich could have been looking at some hefty time in prison if he were charged.


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