BEAT BY DRE: Dr. Dre wins divorce battle and will not have to pay ex-wife $1.5 mil

But Nicole’s “wrath” is far from over.

A judge rejected Nicole Young’s request for $1.5 million to pay for security and other various expenses pursuant to her divorce proceedings. On Thursday, Nicole’s lawyers attended a court hearing to persuade the judge as to the urgency of granting her claim because she was receiving death threats. The judge denied the request partially because Nicole recently fired her security team, which Dr. Dre was paying for. Nicole argued that Dr. Dre was being overly controlling and had threatened to fire her security if they didn’t follow his orders. She claimed she wanted the freedom to choose her own security team.

Although the judge dismissed the payment amount, he ordered that Nicole could hire a private security company as long as compensation for these services did not exceed the amount that Dr. Dre was previously paying for her protection. It is unclear whether this $1.5 million request is connected to the $2 million Nicole sought in spousal support in September. Earlier this week, Dr. Dre responded to the spousal support claim, stating, “This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers.”

At the most recent hearing, the judge further denied Nicole’s request to move up a January hearing date to determine Dr. Dre’s obligation to pay her attorney’s fees – particularly in the amount of $5 million. The judge refused to grant the request to expedite the hearing, commenting that his docket was full of more severe domestic violence and custody cases that he refused to postpone especially given that her circumstances were not even close to as serious. The judge told Nicole that she could file for a restraining order to assuage her security concerns in the meantime. In Nicole’s case, she would most likely succeed in obtaining a restraining order by presenting evidence that Dr. Dre threatened her with violence.

Do you agree with the judge that Nicole overestimates the severity of her case? Do you think she deserves the total compensation she requests or is this just a wrath of angry opportunism as Dr. Dre claims?

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