UNJUST ENRICHMENT: Vanessa Bryant Reacts to Absurd Lawsuit from her Mother

UNJUST ENRICHMENT. Vanessa Bryant reacts to the absurd lawsuit from her mother. Her mother is suing her for financial support for being her unpaid personal assistant and nanny to her grandchildren.

Vanessa Bryant’s mother, Sofia Laine, is suing her for 5 million dollars in back pay for being an unpaid personal assistant and nanny to her grandchildren. She claims Kobe Bryant promised to financially take care of her indefinitely. Vanessa denied her mothers claim of being her personal assistant and nanny. She states Laine is attempting to extort financial windfall from her. Vanessa claims she took care of Laine for 20 years, and Laine took care of her kids from time to time as any grandmother would.

Laine’s lawsuit may not be completely without merit. Even though there was no actual contract between Laine and the Bryants for financial support Laine could sue for Quantum Meruit for services rendered. The services rendered unjustly enriched Vanessa at Laine’s expense. Quantum Meruit allows for recovery of “reasonable value of services” when there is no legally enforceable contract. Laine will need to prove she rendered valuable services to Vanessa, the services in turn were accepted and used by Vanessa, and Vanessa was in fact aware Laine was expecting to receive payment for the services provided.

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