Try Again: Eliza Reign rejects Future $1000 child support offer


Eliza Reign who is still demanding $53,000 a month from rapper Future to support her and her baby – retroactively, with one year’s backpay, plus attorney fees. Just this week, court documents shows that Future is upping his initial $450-a-month offer to $1,000 – provided that Eliza signs a gag order and quits speaking about him publicly. Eliza has rejected the offer.

If you recall he also denied paternity of child and after he was determined to be the father claimed that Eliza purposely got pregnant and targeted him as a rich man. At the end of the day child support is calculated in Georgia like all states by a calculator that takes into consideration how much time you spend with your child. Future right now is not the primary custodian of this child so by default he will pay more in child support and also because his height annual net worth.

Whew chile the ghe-tto you hear me! Future has now 7 kids in counting and my advice to him is to wrap it up to avoid liability like this in the first place.

Stay tuned for the final child support award in this case!

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