Stalemate: Meghan Thee Stallion Fires Back Against her Label to release new music!


Rapper Meghan Thee Stallion is flexing her legal team on her record label 1501 owned by former baseball player Carl Crawford.

She is accusing them of bullying her and preventing her from releasing new music because she wants to renegotiate her contract. Her contract only gave her a $10K advance and gives her label 60% of her recording income (out of her 40% she has to be all her own expenses like travel, wardrobe, videos etc.) The label collects all her touring income before distributing her share which would be ok but she claims she never sees the accounting. For now a Texas judge has issued a temporary restraining order to prevent their block against her new music on Friday. But her suit still continues which is claiming $1M in damages. The biggest issue is Meghan has already admitted to not reading her contract because she was young but they really isn’t a defense to a bad contract. 

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