PEDDLING: OnlyFans Mom Says Her Kids Have Been Expelled From Catholic School

Peddling. Mom who posts sexy material on OnlyFans says her kids have been expelled from catholic school because of her posts.

Crystal Jackson makes $150,000 a month by selling sexy material on OnlyFans. Mothers at the Catholic School her kids attend found the material and reported it to the school. The Catholic School administration then expelled her kids from the school. The principal stated the kids no longer welcome and are barred from picking up their belongings. Jackson stated she will continue to post on her account and is applying to other Catholic Schools for her kids. The school her kids were attending is a private Catholic School.

If a student is wrongfully expelled from school and they have gone through all administrative remedies, they may be able to sue the school. Private and public Catholic Schools have different power when it comes to expulsion. Private schools have much greater power to expel and the grounds for the expulsion are a matter of private contract. Crystal may not be able to sue the school for wrongful expulsion, it is a private school which generally requires the signing of a code of conduct upon enrollment. When the code of conduct is not complied with the school may have the power to expel.

Do you agree with the school’s decision to punish the kids for the mom’s behavior?

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