Hit and Run: Lori Harvey Arrested for Fleeing Accident Scene


Lori Harvey, the adopted daughter of #SteveHarvey and rumored bae of #Diddy, #Future, #TreySongz, #JustinCombs (okay I’ll stop the list is too long 🤣), was arrested over the weekend after a single vehicle car accident, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

She received a misdemeanor hit-and-run citation when after she was pulled out of the car by the other victim she tried to flee the scene. Diddy sons last night were also involved in a car accident nearby on Sunset Blvd. Creepy.

If Lori is convicted of a misdemeanor violation under CVC 20001(b)(2), she can face a hit and run punishment of: A minimum of 90 days and up to one year in jail; A fine between $1,000 and $10,000 dollars; or. Both, imprisonment and a fine.

Why do you think she tried to run?

It appears her Hot Girl Summer is officially over lol.

Her court appearance is soon…stay tuned as this story develops!

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