Are you in need of legal assistance to protect your trademarks, copyrights, brands, services, and products in the the new NFT and Metaverse markets? Do you need assistance in the legal protections you need to investing your cash into various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.?  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s original tweet sold for $2.9M and artist like Soulja boy are turning their exclusive songs into NFTs; his Crank music NFT sold for $6,669.00. Athletes like Lebron are cashing in and one of his videos of his slam dunk sold for $230,000.

Companies like Nets NBA team, Disney and Walmart have all invested into the Metaverse and filed trademarks.  Athletes such as Odell Beckham Junior is exclusively being paid in Bitcoin for their NFL earnings.

So long story short, don’t get left behind!

Hire the Carter Law Group to help you navigate through these new and sometimes grey tech areas.


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  • Contract Drafting and Review for deals in the NFT/Metaverse markets
  • Recommendations for NFT Protection and Investments
  • Recommendations for Metaverse Protection and Investments
  • Evaluations of current Crypto currencies

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