#AskCarterlaw: Tyrese Reacts to Custody Decision

Today the judge in the ongoing custody battle of Tyrese and his ex wife Norma ordered joint custody of his daughter and dismissed the restraining order dismissed against him!  In California, like most states the legal standard is “Best Interest of the Child” meaning you would have to show a parent is putting the child in legitimate danger (physical abuse, drugs etc.) in order to get sole custody.  Apparently, Norma’s case was not strong enough and their daughter also testified.

If you recall, Norma had a his temporary restraining order against him because she claimed he overly punished heir daughter to the point of abuse (knee in back, beating her until she couldn’t sit etc.) Then Tyrese flew a banner over her school and sent her gifts which Norma’s attorneys said was a stunt and a complete violation of the restraining order.

This saga has played out over social media and news for several months now with Tyrese claiming none of his celebrity friends coming to his aid or defense and not being able to book jobs because of Norma’s allegations (He took back that Will and Jada Smith loaned him 5 million dollars and later blamed his rant on prescriptions he was taking).  I am just glad it is FINALLY over.

What are your thoughts?

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