Almost There: Two Herpes Lawsuits for Usher Dismissed

Home run. Well almost.

A second lawsuit has been dropped against singer #Usher in his #Herpes scandal.? This time it is from Quantasia Sharpton who mond you never said she got herpes from Usher but was suing him from potentially exposing her to the disease. There has yet to be any official medical documentation to support he has the disease which makes this case very difficult to understand.

It is unclear from the filing whether it was due to a settlement, or Sharpton merely decided to no longer pursue legal action against the singer. Usually settlements have a non disclosure clause.

Sharpton is one of four accusers who have claimed they had had sexual relations with Usher, full name Raymond IV, and that he put their health at risk by not informing them of the alleged herpes diagnosis. Two of the accusers, a man and a woman, remain anonymous, with litigation ongoing. A fourth, Laura Helm, dismissed her $20 million suit earlier this year after she and Usher came to an “amicable resolution”. Do you think he really has disease or doesn’t and is just settling cases to get rid of scandal?

Stay tuned if the next 2 cases reach settlement.


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