It ain’t over: 50 cent gets lien against Teairra


Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent will not let up. Since last year, 50 Cent and Teairra Marie have been in a legal battle!

The situation started after 50 Cent reposted a revenge porn picture of Teairra Marie in which she tried to sue him for posting it but ended up losing the case. 50 Cent countersued and won, and a judge ordered Tierra to pay a total of $40,000 for legal fees and a $5,295 fine for refusing to hand over her financial records. Although 50 cent has a judgment it’s not worth anything if he can’t collect on it. In order to collect he has to attach the judgment to Teairra’s assets. So in this recent legal battle he successfully has filed for a lien in order to this. So any of Teairra’s bank accounts, real estate property or physical assets like jewelry or car can now go to him to satisfy this debt.

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